Accredited University Offerings

This article tells you about Accredited University Offerings. Chemists are responsible for developing plastics, adhesives, medicines, fibers and innumerable things that are part of our daily life. Each of these things comprises of chemicals.

Accredited University Offerings

Online chemistry degree programs facilitate the individual for this important and challenging field.

– B.A. in Health Care Studies – Chemistry

The online B.A in Health Care Studies – Chemistry which is offered by the Ashford University has been structured to provide a supple online program for imparting ample skills and adequate knowledge for providing excellent services in the Health Care area. This program teaches the students the jargons of chemistry. This consists of the study of atomic theory and structure, chemical bonds, periodic table, and chemical reactions and equations.

The course has received its accreditation from the N. Central Association of Colleges and Schools. The applicants must have a high school diploma or a GED. The preferred age is 22 years and older. The applicant should have work experience (preferably full-time) and must meet the writing expertise standards of the colleges / universities for overseas studies. The fee is $42,480.00 (approx.).

– B.A. in Science (5-12 Chemistry) – Teacher Licensure

This online program has been structured by the Western Governors University. It is the foundation program for developing a firm understanding of the basic building units of science. If you wish to be a teacher in chemistry, this is the right course for you. This is an excellent course for someone looking for a bachelor’s certification in chemistry, good enough to land you with a job in high school as a chemistry teacher.

The Teacher Certification Degree Program covers the aspects of general science and advanced chemistry. It also includes the teaching methodologies. This course has been accredited by DETC, Accrediting Commission, Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities and NCATE. The annual fee is $28,415.00 (approx).

– Lehigh University offers an Analytical Principles of Pharmaceutical Science Certificate online program for those working with drug portrayal and purity apprehensions in pharmaceutical, biotech and medical apparatus manufacturing industries.

This is a complete online program. It covers both analytical and physical chemistry concepts required to understand the purity and composition of pharmaceutical substances. Four courses have to be completed to take the degree. The student has the option of choosing amongst the following courses: Elements of Biochemistry I and II (these are two different courses); Analytical Chemistry; exceptional topics in Analytical Chemistry; Clinical Chemistry; Contemporary topics in Analytical Chemistry and Spectral Analysis.

The applicants must be in possession of a BS or BA in chemistry, biochemistry; or must have completed a minimum of 2 semesters of general chemistry with concerned labs and 2 semesters of organic chemistry with concerned labs, and a couple of higher chemistry courses.

– Lehigh University also offers the online M.S. in chemistry program. The program focuses on surface and interface chemistry. The course follows a minimum 30 point credit system which must be secured by the students by choosing any of the three options they offer.

Admission in the MS in Chemistry program is competition based and has a limit of 20-30 students/year. The applicant should hold a BS or BA degree in chemistry or biochemistry. Applications for admission are accepted once a year. All students apply for and begin the MS program in the fall semester.

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