About List Building

About List Building – Things You May Never Have Considered About This Essential Marketing Strategy. List building is one of those marketing tactics you know you should do, but you just keep putting it off.  It’s a little intimidating; what will you do with those on your list, what will you say to them in e-mails?  While that’s easy enough to solve (just watch what others do when you join their mailing lists), there are some aspects of list building you may not have even thought about.

About List Building

If you have already begun your list building plan, good for you.  If you haven’t, here are a few things that will give you food for thought so that you can make the most of your marketing efforts.

List Building Allows You to Leverage Your Current Success

You may be having some success without a list, but can you imagine the success you would achieve if you had a subscribers’ list of thousands?  These are people you can send a message to whenever you like, outside of those you have set up in your autoresponder series.  Look at it this way; if you build a website and do not build a list, every person who visits and leaves is a customer lost.  If you had captured their name and e-mail address, you could have marketed your product and future related products for years to come!

Think About Your Niche When Building a List

Be sure that you have chosen the right niche when you begin to market online.  While there are not many, there are a few areas where the one product you offer would be it; in other words, there would be no other areas of interest for you to market to the same buyers in the future.  You want to make certain that those on your list will be interested in other products you offer, not just a single product.

The One Time Offer

Many marketers present their list with a “one time offer.”  This is often a closely-related product to the main product you are marketing.  After someone signs up to your list, send them a one-time offer.  This creates a sense of urgency; the customer realizes that they can only buy for the next 24 hours or that the price will go up tomorrow, etc.  They have to buy “right now,” or the chance will be gone forever.

Create Irresistible Subject Lines

When setting up your e-mail campaign in your autoresponder, pay special attention to the subject line; after all, if the recipient doesn’t even open your e-mail, they certainly aren’t going to buy!  Create compelling subject lines that call your list to open your e-mail.  A boring, dull subject line is not going to entice anyone to open up your message, so make it good.

There is a great deal to successful list building, and sometimes it’s the tiniest things that can have the most impact.  Remember to create a great squeeze page, and communicate with your list outside of just trying to sell them your product.

Happy list building!

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