A Way To Look At Brick Walls

Never Give Up…A Way To Look At Brick Walls. Now I know that there have been many times in your life as there has been in mine, that you had been working on a project, or you are trying to figure something out, or learn something new and you feel like there is this brick wall, that is just right there in front of you. It seems that every time that you try to move forward, you just keep hitting this brick wall.

A Way To Look At Brick Walls

You start wondering why I am having so many problems, why am I not getting through this brick wall? My message to you today is that there may be a brick wall there; but guess what, for every brick wall there is a way around it or there is a crack in the brick wall. You just have not found it yet.

Really think about what is really going on in your life that you are struggling with, that you are trying to learn, that you are trying to help others learn or even some project that you are trying to accomplish. There is a reason that you are doing those things, so don’t give up on it, look around on the brick wall; there is a crack, there are always cracks in brick walls.

There are cracks in every wall that you can imagine, you just have to find it. Once you find that crack, once you find that little sliver that allows you to see through that brick wall allows you to feel like you just got a huge meaningful reason for why and what you are doing. You found a way to get through that brick wall.

You may be thinking to yourself “I’m the only one that has problems” or “I am the only one that has this 18ft thick brick wall that I am trying to get through”. You’re not, I am not, you’re not, your neighbors not, everybody struggles and everybody hits the brick wall.

You ever heard of the name John Grisham? He is an author, yes you have heard of him. He wrote the book called “A Time to Kill”. This book took him 3 years to write, 3 long years, afterwards he felt that he had a perfect book, or what he thought was near perfect and would go like wildfire; he worked three years very diligently on this book, never giving up. He had a message; he had a story to tell that was not only going to affect his life, but so many different types of people all over the world. He knew that he had to keep working on this book; he knew he had to finish this book so after three years he got it finished.

John started taking this book to publishers; he went to the first publisher. What did they tell him? No, this isn’t a good story; it is not going to sell. Did John give up? No, he did not give up, he had a brick wall in front of him, but he kept looking around for cracks. John then goes onto publisher number two; what did they tell him? No, this isn’t a good story, nobody is going to buy this, and you wasted your time for the last three years of your life.

Did John give up? No! John went to twelve publishers, mentally he was looking at that brick wall, but he was looking for cracks, he was looking for an opportunity to get through that brick wall. He found it, the twelfth publisher gave him a chance and you know the rest of the story. “A Time to Kill”, great book, sold millions of copies; so what am I trying to tell you? Don’t give up, be persistent.

Look at Thomas Edison, he invented the light bulb; for the most part. Over a thousand attempts, can you image what type of world we may be living in today if he would have given up? Or if other individuals would not have laid some groundwork for him, so whatever you are working on, whatever you are trying to do, don’t give up. You may not only be able to touch one person, five people or even one hundred people; you should and could have the ability to touch thousands of different people.

Again, my message today is that if you believe it in your heart, you believe it in your mind; you can do it. Yes there are going to be brick walls and you may get through one brick wall and then another one may pop up, but that is called life. But keep looking for the cracks, keep looking for the opportunities that get you through that brick wall, sometimes there may not be a crack, sometimes you need to walk around the brick wall. There are ways to do it; you just need to find them.

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