A basic guide to web development

In the article it is spoken about A basic guide to web development. Developing your website is pretty much the most important thing which could ensure that your website might be successful, of course to incorporate a bit of realism, even with the perfectly developed site and plenty of investment and time on marketing, the level of ROI or success you may receive in return may not be what you estimated, however a badly developed site would undoubtedly result in an unsuccessful website. There are several steps to consider when developing a website. Of course depending on the type of site required, different features need to be addressed.

A basic guide to web development

If you are looking to develop an e-commerce site for example, emphasis should be laid on security, making sure the script has no loop holes and is invulnerable to hacking. If you are looking to develop a website for kids, emphasis should be made to incorporate several colors and graphics for example.

The next step should be how your website would be developed. With Internet services shifting towards a different business approach where services are offered for free and supported by ads, there are several free software tools that are available to be instantly installed on your web server, the end result being a fully developed website in a matter of minutes.

Thus, depending on your website needs and your budget, a free software script might be the best solution, if you are looking to create a blog, using free software like WordPress would be ideal, or if you are looking to build an online community software like phpBB or Simple Machines Forum maybe used.

When considering a standard script as a solution to your website as well, you could use a free script like stated in the examples above, or you could use a shareware script that usually offers more functionality and still costs a fraction of hiring a developer. Based on the above example, a shareware alternative for a community software would be vBulletin which provides a lot more functionality.

Of course, sometimes the requirements of your website may not be something general that has a script available for purchase or download already. In that case the only option would be to hire a developer, when hiring a developer too there are certain things to consider, making sure he has past experience and a good reputation would ensure that your site’s backend is in good hands. Outsourcing and freelancing the development online if you are on a tight budget would be ideal.

Once the site has been developed, whether you use a free script, purchase one or have it custom written, the development phase does not end there, web development is a progressive process, you might need added functionality or discover a bug on your site with time, thus it is important to have a fair idea of the programming language used to run your website or have a developer permanently at your disposal.

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