9 Ways to Annoy Your Readers

In the following article you will find information on 9 Ways to Annoy Your Readers. The catchphrase “Put your readers first” is on every blogging tips blog and all blogging experts talk about this in their Webinars. As a result, all bloggers are trying to do that. But the thing is, we need to be different. We have to build our blogging foundations in such a way that they stand out of the crowd.So why not do something that no one really does. Let’s annoy your readers ? Here are 9 Ways to annoy your readers.

9 Ways to Annoy Your Readers


Pop Ups

Easiest and most effective and simple method to annoy your readers i s to put multiple pop ups. Facebook Like us pop and Twitter Follow us banner with Feeds subscription and email subscription boxes as well which appear one by one. For further help, you may simply put Clicksor ads on your site or blog. If you are not willing to do any of these things, put a completely irrelevant pop up box. Like “How to Build Muscles” on religious Blog.

Forced Clicks

Have you ever visited a site where the owner is offering his services only after you do what he wants like becoming his Facebook fan or Twitter follower.That’s exactly what you have to do to annoy your readers. Never forget the goal , the ultimate goal that you have set and that is to annoy your readers. Force them to do clicks like “Click on this Advertisement to read the renaming article”

Betray your Readers

Never do what you say is the key to success in this mission. Tell your readers that this is the link to full article and than redirect them to some of your Affiliate Products or something completely irrelevant.That would not only annoy your readers but make them that what you are made of ?

We Don’t Support Comments

Imagine a reader reading your whole post where he gets the encouragement to comment below many times so he finally decides to do that and comes down at comments section where you have placed a big banner written “Comment Not Allowed”. He would just scream with anger , push the exit button with a determination of never visiting you ever again.

Grammar Mistakes

Do Grammar Mistakes like Kids that would just fully make them cringe . No one wants read poor grammar text until it is from his/her Lover.


Redirect everyone to your subscription pages even if they don’t want to . Put an order on them like “Subscribe to Read “. Because after all, your blog is such a master piece that every one needs to be subscribed to it.

Give Orders

No one likes orders from any body no matter how close they are.So just imagine the feelings of such person after reading a similar line ” You must download my Premium theme because if you don’t you will never become successful . Hence, I’m ordering you to subscribe right now “.

Long Titles

You don’t care about your readers and you think you don’t need to. You only care about Money and Google so you put as much keywords as possible in limited space. Because after doing this, you will get more people to annoy.

Floating Share Buttons

Floating Share Buttons are impossible to be removed by a reader so they have no choice but to click on one of them in hope that they may disappear but they still won’t. As a result, you will get social promotion. annoying your readers and enjoying more traffic.


I Wrote the Whole Post in humorous tone to keep you connected and feed you something that you really need to understand. If you are not smart enough, I’m telling you to do opposite to that everything I said. That’s how you can care about your audience and keep them happy.

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