7 ways to increase conversion rates

The article is about 7 ways to increase conversion rates. Increasing conversion rate is essential for anyone who is selling anything online. Increasing conversion rates are of the most cost effective methods for a higher sales volume. Instead of spending more money on external things such as advertising why not work with what you have and make a few changes.

7 ways to increase conversion rates

Even if you have for example a 2% conversion rate and you bring that up to 4%, that is a 100% increase. If you were making £100 a day with 2%, then with 4% you will instantly start making £400. Sometimes little adjustments and tweaks can go a long way and bring you significant results. I will be talking about the different ways you can do this.

Simple site layout

As soon as a visitor lands on your site, they should be able to immediately understand what your site is about. The attention span of a website visitor is very short therefore you need to capture their attention as soon as possible. Having a simple website layout will ensure that there are few distractions. Also if the website is easily understandable, the user will be more likely to navigate through your site, which is obviously beneficial to you.

A and B testing

A and B testing is like the bread and butter of increasing conversion rates. When it comes to increasing conversion rates testing is crucial. A and B testing also known as split testing is a fairly simple concept. Say for example you have two different potential headlines, you will create a two pages each with a different headline.

You will let them both run by sending the same amount of traffic to each of the pages, and whichever one converts the most is the one you will use. Preferably, it is best to run as many A and B testing pages as you can. You can test anything from the layout to the colour of the text. There is no one way to do things in marketing and A and B testing is the best way to see what works best at that specific time.

Special offers

Offer your customers more incentive to make a purchase. These can be things that have little cost however they will still have a significant impact on conversion rates. For example if you’re selling a physical product you could include free postage and packaging. Or you could offer a trial for online products. These may seem like little changes however this very well could be the push that gets your customer to make a purchase.

Conversion Tracking

It is very hard to improve something you cannot measure. This is why tracking is very important. You need to track your conversions on a day to day basis. Doing so will enable you to tweak your site and correct any problems you might have. As it was already stated above, conversion rates are vital for sales and profits, therefore you must spend time and money improving it. A tracking tool you could use is Guiding Metrics, this tool is very useful and will help you track your sites metrics and potentially improve your profits.

Get to the point

Clarity is always better than persuasion. There is really no need to use fancy business language to try and persuade your customer to buy your product. Simply explain what it does and highlight key words in a simple but informative manner. I felt that I had to include this point, since I have noticed clarity is something marketers struggle with. The best way to look at it is to explain the product the same way you would to a friend, that way the message will come across as more genuine and you will not lose any conversions.

Be social

Make sure your website has social profiles that are easy to find. Pretty much everyone nowadays uses social media, so why not take advantage of that. Brands will use social media to interact with brands they have interest in.

Make it easy for them to follow and like your pages and content. If you interact with your customers enough eventually it will lead to some conversions. Social media is also a way of building trust, if many people seem to be sharing your product or page, then most likely what you have to offer is of good value. Customers will see this and it could help you bring in more conversions.

Set up a sales funnel

This is a very useful tool if you use it correctly. Depending on what you are selling most people that visit your site will not actually buy anything, therefore you need to think of a way to get a hold of that customer somehow. You can do this by offering a free trial for your product. If people are interested in your product then they will most likely be interested in a free trial too.

The free trial process will allow you to build trust and a relationship with that customer. Also when the customer signs up for the free trial they will give you their email address, this will allow you to continue to communicate with your customer which will eventually lead to a sale.

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