7 Tips to Effectively Use Blogging to Grow Your Brand

In the article it is spoken in detail about 7 Tips to Effectively Use Blogging to Grow Your Brand. Having a respectable brand identity is always vital to the growth and success of any business both online and offline. The biggest names in the cyber world continue achieving success mainly due to them having reputable brand names.

7 Tips to Effectively Use Blogging to Grow Your Brand

Look at big names like Darren Rowse, John Chow, Brian Clark, or even large companies like Amazon, Ebay, Paypal, etc. We trust them because they’ve become household names.

Now, what if you’re just a small start-up or a solopreneur trying to curve out your own niche? You probably do not have a large pool of funds to spend on sophisticated promotional and marketing activities. You need to minimize costs while at the same time getting your name out there in front of the people who matter.

Blogging can help you achieve this. In fact, blogging has become the preferred tool for many individuals and businesses who want to grow their brands.

Blogging allows you to connect and showcase your knowledge and expertise to relevant people. It’s also cheaper as compared to the other forms of traditional marketing and advertising such as T.V commercials or newspaper ads.

Here are some tips to help you grow your brand identity through blogging.

Start by Identifying Your Unique Values, Style and Voice

Your unique style and voice is what separates you from the millions of competing blogs and businesses that are fighting for the same ears and eyeballs in this cyber space. You have to ensure your unique style shines through your blogging.

You also need to identify your unique values and promote them. Ultimately, blogging is all about adding value to the life of someone else. If you’re not providing value then no one will pay attention. It’s good to go about this in a unique way.

Whatever market or niche you enter, you’ll find hundreds or even thousands of competitors. It’s up to you to make yourself stand out from the crowd. Start by asking yourself what makes your products, services or offers beat the rest. Why should anyone pay attention to what you have to say?

It doesn’t matter whether your main source of revenue is through displaying advertisements or by promoting affiliate products. Only go for products that you’re proud off and you believe will be useful to whoever you’re promoting to.

What you want here is for your name to be associated with trustworthy products or services.

Your Content Needs to be Valuable

You’ve probably heard it before. When it comes to web marketing, content is king. Not just content but valuable content. The web is powered by content and there’s therefore no better way to grow your brand than being associated with valuable content.

You might make some quick sales using shoddy content. But think of the long term. Your visitors will ultimately realize you’re not a credible source of information and will eventually move on to your competitors.

Your main objective should be to empower consumers to make the right buying decisions. Use valuable content to empower them. Once you empower them, they’ll spread word about your brand to their friends, colleagues, family, etc.

Great content isn’t a mystery. It essentially does the following:

  • It addresses user problems
  • It educates and empowers users to make the right decisions
  • It’s timely
  • It’s easy to consume
  • It brings out your unique personality

Blogging for business is essentially a content marketing strategy. If you focus on powering your blog with useful content, the other promotional methods will only serve to accelerate the growth of your brand.

BTW if you hate writing or just don’t have the time for it, you can get in touch with me. I’ll be happy to help you develop useful contents for your use.

A Professional design matters

The design, appearance or look of your blog is so vital to your branding process. This cannot be stressed any better. They say first impressions matter and nowhere else is this demonstrated better than in blogging and the online business industry.

Are you personally unkempt? I bet you have a very clean and professional look to yourself. In short, let your blog be as professional as possible. It’s easy to create a professionally looking blog with wordpress. There’re hundreds of premium themes and countless plugins that make creating professional blogs a breeze. You can also outsource this process to professional designers.

The header of your blog matters. Make sure your header is unique and describes the overall theme of your blogging. Your header is what visitors will first see when they land on your blog. You don’t want to turn off visitors before they even come through the door.

If you’re to monetize your blog through advertisements then avoid clattering. Customize your banners so they can fit seamlessly into your blog content.

In terms of the appearance of your blog, it’s also important to wisely choose the widgets and plugins to use. You should customize them so they complement the overall look and feel of your blog.

The design of your blog is vital to your brand. When visitors think of your brand name, they’ll probably first remember the look on your blog.

Use Social Networking to Boost Brand Growth

Social networking is great for brand promotion especially if you’re still trying to get your name out there. You should make a point of connecting with other people in your industry.

Start by leaving comments on related blogs, visit forums in your niche and join discussions, create accounts on social media sites such as facebook and twitter and engage in conversations.

Social media sites provide a great platform to connect and share with your audience on a more personal or informal level. Start by filling your profiles with all the relevant information about your brand. You can use keywords to make your profiles more discoverable.

You should make a point of listening to what your fans and followers are talking about so as to identify the types of information they enjoy sharing and interacting with.

Social networking can be time consuming. Use social media management tools like hootsuite, dlvr, twitterfeed, tweetdeck, bufferapp, etc to save on time. Just remember to use these tools moderately so as not to lose your personal sense.

While using social media for brand building, try to be consistent both in terms of message and identity. Try to ensure your messages on the different social media platforms align with the overall theme of your blogging.

Remember to maintain a consistent look in your pages on the different social channels. Include your logo so people can easily recognize you. I try to use the same photo on all of my pages so as to maintain this consistency. Also sign up for a gravatar image that will always appear next to your comments on other websites and blogs.

You Need to be Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is one of the best ways to promote your brand in front of a ready market. I only started guest blogging a little over a month ago and have been seeing some great results. I’m now planning to go on and target more of the bigger blogs in my niche as these have a larger audience.

If you’re just starting out on guest blogging, my advice is to first set your targets. What do you want to achieve with your guest posts? Are you after backlinks, referral traffic, exposure, etc?

If you intent to guest blog for branding purposes then I’d advice focusing more on the well established blogs. One guest post on an A-list blog can do wonders for you. The smaller blogs are still good especially for backlinking provided they have a good page rank.

One other thing when deciding on the blogs to guest post on is to first study them. By this I mean evaluating them to find out which types of content do well, their writing styles, what they value most, etc.

Look at the comments to learn more about their readers and how they react to different posts. Go through their archives to discover their best performing contents in terms of shares and comments. This will help you come up with topic ideas that are more likely to resonate well with that blog’s audience.

By the way, I’ve been chosen to be a weekly contributor on one of the top blogs around. Watch out for my upcoming posts as I’ll be sharing how I achieved this.

Guest blogging is great for growing your brand. Furthermore it’s free on most cases and all you have to do is ensure you provide your best value.

Be Consistent

Consistency matters in brand development. If you’re trying to boost your brand identity through blogging, you’ll need patience and persistence in equal measure. You most likely won’t see results overnight or even after a week and sometimes it might take months to achieve positive results.

Set out your goals and be consistent in your brand development efforts. Whatever you do should always align with the overall theme or message in your blogging. You want you readers, visitors, audience and any one who comes across your brand to always associate you with a unique style and message.

Track Your Results

You won’t make any meaningful progress unless you track your results and identify what works and what doesn’t. You need to monitor your blogging and promotional activities.

Keep a close eye on your web analytics reports to find out which of your contents are resonating well with your readers, fans or followers. Which blogs or websites are bringing you the most referral traffic? Which social media channels are working well for you? Spend more time on what is bringing you positive results.

For those techniques which aren’t working, try to find out why. Sometimes you might have to change your approach. The web is dynamic and it’s ever changing. You need to be flexible and ready to adapt.

The most important thing is to always remember the values you want your brand to be associated with and promote them.

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