6 ways to build a community for your blog

The article gives some basic information on 6 ways to build a community for your blog. Building a sense of community from your blog can be one of the best things you can do. In the long run, building up a community for your blog will lead to increased traffic. Even then, before it leads to increased traffic there are other benefits such as increased comments on your blog, which might help your SEO efforts too. In this post I’m going to tell you 6 ways you can build a community for your blog.

6 ways to build a community for your blog


Join social networks

Joining many different social networks can be a very good way to increase traffic to your blog and to increase the community on your blog. Give yourself some time to Join Facebook groups, like Facebook pages, and post useful comments on people’s blogs. Eventually you will help others by engaging with them. Leave comments on people’s pages and posts, and through doing this, they will most likely want to return the favour.

Comment on other peoples blogs

Like I stated in the last point, comments can go a long way. What you should do is find blogs that are similar to yours and comment on them regularly. Make sure the comments actually add value to the post as nobody really likes spam. Also, when someone comments on your own posts, try and reply to them! This will encourage them to keep coming back. And if you have enough people returning regularly eventually you will build yourself a nice little community.

Engage your readers in your post

One thing you could try doing at the end of the post to increase engagement is to ask a question, or leave opportunity for readers to add their opinions. For example if your post was about ‘the best 10 ways to increase traffic to your website’ then at the end of the post you could say something like ‘which one of these did you like best? Leave a comment below.’ When people see this they will be more likely to leave a comment since they will feel more involved with the post as you are addressing them directly.

Make it personal!

You’re writing a blog post, not a report for class, make it personal! Good content is one thing, but if you don’t add your own personal touch people will quickly get bored and move on! Write as if you are talking to someone in person, that way the reader will feel more connected to you. And when they feel more connected, they will be more likely to comment and follow your blog.

Respond back to everyone

You should always try to respond to anyone who reaches out to you. Weather they contact you through comments or even if they send you an email. Remember, these are real people not just numbers, they have taken time out from their day to connect with your blog. Go ahead and help them, that way they will be sure to come back. Not only will it help build the community, it also gives them a feeling of your presence, like your actually there. It will also help build your comments and your social proof too.

Guest posts

I think this is a really underrated point. Guest posting is a great way to expand the reach of your blog, also when you guest post on someone else’s blog you are making that connection with them and all their readers. Another point is that if people see more of your posts around the web, they will be far more likely to trust your blog and view it as a reliable source. And from that they will possibly help it grow by engaging and visiting your blog more often. Leading to growth of your blogging community.

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