5 Ways To Come Up with Blog Post Ideas

The article touches upon the issue of 5 Ways To Come Up with Blog Post Ideas Using The Old Tricks Effectively. Learning the art of generating blog post ideas is the full proof way to keep out the blogger’s block – losing the ability to create new blog posts. This is more so if you like doing your own posts.

5 Ways To Come Up with Blog Post Ideas

Many blogs fail because their owners run out of ideas to blog about. It’s not that easy to consistently produce good content for your blog, content that will benefit your readers.

In this article you’ll find ways to which you can generate blog post ideas, most of which you know, but you probably ignore.


Always Write Them Down

This is the first thing you should always remember. Always jot down any cool idea that you encounter. You’ll be surprised how many topics you come up with at the end of the day.

Personally, I take notes anywhere whenever I come across a good idea. Be it on my phone while taking a walk around the block, in a handbook or pc. It helps you have a collection of different ideas some of which you might merge into a grand idea.

It also helps you not forget ideas you already have. You can’t just rely on keeping them all in your head. You might lose them.

Use Other Blogs as Inspiration

Yes, reading other blogs in your niche is a smart technique to come up with ideas. You can never go wrong with this, as long as you’re a keen observer and think creatively.

You’ll always come across an industry topic that has just been mentioned but not covered adequately. You can expound on that in your blog post.

The comments section is also a gem. You’ll always find good questions asked, most of which are normally not answered comprehensively. Do research and expound the answer in your blog post. You’ll find yourself coming up with great posts.

The idea here is to grab any potential thought that might lead to a greater idea.

Yahoo Answers is Still Useful

If you haven’t tried yahoo answers then you definitely should check it out. You’ll find lots of questions there that will literally generate blog post ideas for you. Go directly to the category that is related to your niche and check out questions that can be well answered in a blog post.

Look for ones that appear popular but are not well answered. You can even perform a google search to find out if a post has been done about it.

Your Own Blog

Yeah, your own blog is there to help you grow it. The obvious area is your comments section where you’ll always find people seeking clarifications or more insights on a certain subject. Some of those you can make into blog posts.

Another cool way is to check out your most popular posts and generate other ideas from them. If your most popular post was an infographic, then you might just fancy doing another infographic on a related topic.

Your own blog is an idea generator of its own.


Forums are a great place to find ideas. Make it a habit to regularly hang out in forums with your industry friends Find some good forums in your niche where you can engage, answering questions here and there. You’ll also find some questions that can be well covered in a blog post.

Here you’re basically trying to get ideas from what people are having trouble to understand.

Keyword Suggestion Tools

Keyword suggestion tools can help generate some great blog post ideas. You can use a free tool like google keyword tool to come up with blog posts that are actually searched for.

The keyword ideas feature in google keyword tool is great for this. By unchecking the “Only show ideas closely related to my search terms” button, you’ll be able to see different other ideas related to your keyword.

The trick here is to pick ones with good search volume and good competition – not necessarily low competition!

There’re many more other techniques like brainstorming and such. I believe we are only limited by our imaginations when coming up with blog post ideas.

So which techniques do you use?

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