5 Key elements for every home page

The article gives an analysis of 5 Key elements for every home page. A beautifully designed home page is the foundation for the success of a website but there are some key elements that will help your visitor’s experience — ultimately leading to better home page performance. Here is a brief checklist to consider.

5 Key elements for every home page


Your Phone Number, Prominently Displayed

A total no-brainer, right? Take a look around some websites in your local community. You may be surprised at how many website either don’t have phone numbers on their home page, or bury the numbers in the footer. And with today’s rising rate of mobile users, many websites have phone numbers in graphics as opposed to live text which means the user can’t just tap the phone number and make the call.

A Positioning Statement

You should always have at least one sentence on the home page that explains the who, what, why and how of your business. Don’t always assume your visitor “gets it” from your logo, tagline or photos.

A Call to Action

What do you want the visitor to do? Call, stop by, join your email list, shop or find out more? Make sure you have good calls to action on your home page to guide your visitor to act.

Updated Copyright Information

Ever stumble on a website that says ©2008? Does it make you wonder if the company is in business? This minor detail can be easily overlooked but can have a big impact on the perception of the vitality of your business.

Quick Links

Likely your visitor is look for the key services that you offer and found you by searching these services. Make it easy on them by  listing these services on your home page and providing quick links to get right to the deeper information. Sure – its all right up there in your navigation menu, but giving quick links to core content is a good opportunity to get the user further into your website faster.

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