5 easy tactics to grab readers attention to a blog

This article tells you about 5 easy tactics to grab readers attention to a blog. Every blogger knows very well that “How much a visitor is important to them”. Readers are the requirement of a blog. A blog run due to readers,blog earn due to readers .So we must learn how to grab readers attention to a blog.  Shouldn’t we? Yes we have to.

5 easy tactics to grab readers attention to a blog

There are many ways to steal readers attention but these 5 ways which i am going to share in my post should be done at any cost if you want to seize visitors attention to your blog.

Make your post title catchy

Making a post title catchy can attract tons of traffic to your blog .Don’t publish your post with ignorable title because most of the readers only click on a eye catchy title.Title of a post  inflict first impression on your readers,if your post title is not attractive then  there will be less chances to get your desired visitors.

Add at least one image in your post

If you really want to grab readers attention towards your blog then you should add at least one image in your blog post .Use of images in a post  not only attract readers but also make your post seo friendly. To increase traffic from blog post images we must read how to use images for seo.

Blog design

What you think about blog design ?Is it really help us to grab readers attention to our blog ?I think yes ,it plays a prominent role  to attract readers .A blog should have simple layout which is easy to navigate by your readers .Don’t make your blog design too flashy because it will distrack your readers and compel them to leave your blog with out reading even a single post.

Interesting and needy content

“Content is king”. You  have already heard this phrase many times. Now Change this phrase in to “useful content is king”. Useful content is the content which is required by your visitors. A reader comes to your blog only if you have some content which that reader want. By  interesting content you can keep  readers to come back again.


To grab readers attention we should comment on other blogs .Commenting on other blogs is not only a factor to  attract readers to your blog but  leaving  a attractive ,useful and meaningful comment can attract blog owner towards your blog .We should win the trust of blog owner by our comment so that he can visit our blog back.

These were the 5 tactics to grab readers attention to a blog .

Would you like to share with me “how you attract a visitor to your blog”. I  want to listen from your side “what ways you apply to attract a visitor”.

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