3 Ways in Marketing Your Business in Google

In this article we will be discussing 3 Ways in Marketing Your Business in Google. Internet marketing strategy in today’s highly competitive market society is a must to have. It is because business owner use internet as their primary means to market their businesses and to increase their bottom line. Usage of internet is phenomenal, for just about a third of the population is using internet daily. So if you are not on the internet, you are missing considerably in business sales.

3 Ways in Marketing Your Business in Google

There are several methods in advertising online but one of the most crucial ways is by using Google Search Engine. Listed below are the three top basic methods to market in Google Search.

Organic Listings

These are the search answer that Google is paying back when you search for a key phrase. In order to be in a high rank in Google search, you need to use Search Engine Optimizer (SEO) techniques. The great advantage to be in a high listing page of Google is that you will be able to increase opportunities  for online traffic.

Local Listings

Google maps are the local search branch of Google. This is the map that displays at the top of Google page with a pins and flags. In order to have your business in Google Maps, go to the Google’s Local Business Center that is situated at Google.com/places, follow the instructions and put in your business details.

Pay-per-click Listings

Pay-per-click is a Google’s paid publicizing. You have to play big to be on the top position in the page of Google for your niche. Paying for your advertisement is part of marketing your business, your ad has to be suitable, eye catching and unique for your nicehe.  If your advertisement does not use the right keywords  that will be searched on, no matter how much you wish to pay, Google will simply not push your advertisement. The great thing aboutt his method is you are driving a highly traffic to your business site and it could be a very expensive exercise.

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