3 Tips In Choosing A Domain Name

The article is about 3 Tips In Choosing A Domain Name. When you engage in online business, the domain name is very important. It is as important as the name of your business as the domain will be the one that the customers would key in when they want to know about your company. Therefore, buying the right domain name for your company is one of the essential steps that you need to take in getting good ranking in search engines while making a brand for your business.

3 Tips In Choosing A Domain Name

If you want to make a difference and be distinguished from your competitors, i have here some tips to help you in selecting a perfect domain name for your business online.

When selecting your domain name, use catchy phrases or words which are easy to remember

When deciding which domain name to have, always make use of catchy words or phrases which are easy to remember and must be relevant to your website. This is because, a domain name that relates to a website can help increase traffic to the site.

For example, if your website is business related, the name of your business should be your domain name as this could add up to your branding. And if your website is for personal purposes, have a domain name that is related to the topic of your website.

However, always put to mind that the domain name you must have should not be too long since it would be difficult to remember and people might misspell it. Always make your domain name short as you can and should most likely have 5 to 20 characters only. This is to help the visitors remember the site more easily.

Make use of keywords

If you wish to drive generic traffic to your website from the search engines, It is to include there the main keywords of your online business on your domain name. Domains that are rich in keyword helps in putting your site on a much appreciable rankings on the search engine and therefore bring search engine traffic more that is targeted and most of all, free.

If possible, register a dot-com domain name

Always make sure that your domain name has a dot com domain extension. This may not be of importance in the search engine, but to your site visitors, it is. Dot com extensions are more favorable, more popular as well as it is very easier to remember. Having a different domain name extension may cost you in terms of traffic since most people tend to remember more easily the name of the site and automatically associate it with a dot com extension.

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