3 Methods of Getting Traffic to Your Website

This article is about 3 Methods of Getting Traffic to Your Website. Getting traffic to your website got you down?  Many online marketers experience this – barely a trickle of targeted visitors each day, which means you’re making no money.  You know that in order to rake in good profits, it is essential that you attract a ton of interested visitors who have a need/problem you can solve.  Below are three methods of getting traffic to your website that will help you increase traffic quickly and easily.

3 Methods of Getting Traffic to Your Website


Social Networking

Creating a compelling profile on social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn is a good way to attract targeted traffic to your website or blog.  If you are a complete newbie, start out by building a following of those who share the same interests with you.  Get involved in the conversation, offer helpful advice to those who need it, and build up a solid reputation.

Facebook is also a good place to get involved in video marketing.  The great thing about social networking for getting traffic to your website is that you can do it for free.  You can find many great techniques for using social networks in your marketing online.

Content – Articles, Blog Posts, Web Pages, etc.

You already know that content is king!  If you want to attract swarms of targeted traffic to your website, distribute content all over the Web (include a link to your site, of course).  Write articles and place them on your blog and submit tons of articles to the top-ranked article directories – even offer to write an original article to be placed on another website that is relevant to yours.

Website owners LOVE free content to put on their site because they know the search engines love it – as long as it is original!  If the website draws a large amount of traffic, some of those visitors will click through from your article to your website.

By writing tons of articles about your subject and submitting to the top-ranked article directories like Ezine Articles and Buzzle, you will become known as an expert.  The keyword-rich text links you use in your author bio box will help build your search engine ranking as well, so articles work in a variety of ways to send you targeted traffic.

There are dozens of other free methods for getting traffic to your website, but let’s talk about a few of the paid methods.  You’ve no doubt heard of pay-per-click ads or Google ads, which is a great way to drive interested visitors to your site.  However, you need to really study up on this method; if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can go broke in a hurry.

Paid (and free) press releases are another good way to drive hordes of people to your site, as long as you write a press release that is optimized for your keywords and compelling.  Submit a few press releases, and you will no doubt see an increase in your visitor stats.

Many website owners sell advertising on the pages of their site, especially those that get thousands of visitors each day.  If you have the budget, you can place a text or banner ad on relevant sites that receive tons of traffic and drive traffic to your own site that way.

If getting traffic to your website is your biggest problem, try some of these strategies.  The most important thing you can do is take action!

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