12 mistakes you should avoid in search engine rankings

In this article I’ll tell you about 12 mistakes you should avoid in search engine rankings. If you have your own website, you probably know that SEO is a very important part in the development and design of a website. It is very important to note this, because that depends on the success of your website.

12 mistakes you should avoid in search engine rankings

Many webmasters think that SEO is too difficult to do on your own. That is a myth wrong, there are many common mistakes in positioning that can be easily resolved with little knowledge and work, and without requiring specialized software or tools.

In Internet sites abound that are impossible to crawl and index by search engines. The problem is poor design, poor link structure, bad programming design, etc. That’s why to avoid your site to be ignored by the search engines, here I leave a list of common mistakes to avoid in search engine rankings.

Ignoring the basic guidelines of search engines on SEO

The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a set of actions to be taken for your site to be properly read by the search engine crawlers, so the obvious thing is to look at the guides put the same search engines for better positioning. You can find the pair of Google and Yahoo!

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Google
  • How do I improve my site’s ranking in search results? – Yahoo!

All SEO steps you decide to take should undergo the above guidelines to see if you’re on track.

Ignoring title tags (H1, H2, H3, etc..)

When you write and publish articles on the web, many ignore the labels of the titles or headers. Probably you may have noticed that I usually use in all articles of my blog, and not just for reasons of optimization, it also helps readers to better follow the ideas and structure of the article.

Within these tags you can use appropriate keywords for the article. The search engine crawlers will see the content contained within these labels and continue to read your article depending on what is in them. These words or phrases that are within the title tags, the search engines gives them a little more relevance to other parts of the article.

Overuse of Flash

The use of Flash makes sites interactive and aesthetically pleasing, but also makes the website is partially (or even fully) invisible to search engines. Some hunters say they can index Flash sites, but it is something that has not been proven to work in its entirety.

The crawlers of search engines are text-based and can not read text embedded in images or Flash files. Therefore it is recommended that you do not use image-based content or menus that use flash or flash.

Excessive use of AJAX

Some website developers are obsessed enough with using AJAX. It certainly makes a website look good and gives interactivity to a website, but search engines can not find that content.

The AJAX content is loaded dynamically, so much of this content can not be indexed by search engines. So maybe you should use AJAX sparingly.

Leave empty ALT attribute of images

As I’ve told you, the search engines can not read the contents of an image. To fix this we used the alt attribute of images, this attribute is the one that describes the image and is used by search engines to make sense of it. Leaving this blank label search engines and your readers know that content was not in the article, in the case that the image does not load.

Put “click here” as anchor text of your links

It makes sense to call put texts perform some action, because if you tell your readers what to do, it is more likely to do so. “Click” accomplishes this, but not to be used as anchor text for your links and add thereto no value to the link.

The anchor text of a link must contain some keywords that best describe the content they are accessing.

Repeat the same title on multiple items

You must be careful not to repeat the same title in several articles on your site. Your title should not be repeated correctly optimized, not only because it is a bad practice in SEO, but it will make reading your stats are hard to read. If you have many titles with the same keywords, think of variations or other words that could be better with your title. It will be interesting for you, your readers, the search engines and your stats.

Do not know how to use keywords

The keywords in the content of your article, will help to better position your site for a particular keyword. You must learn to enter keywords in your articles without filling your entire article by removing keywords quality content.

Likewise, it is not advisable to try to optimize an article for more than one word or phrase calve is best to focus on optimizing your content for a single keyword, and your article will be positioned more easily for that keyword.

Much focus on optimizing only one element

The search engine optimization is a task that involves several aspects closely. Do not focus only on one aspect of optimizing your site, then this optimization will be incomplete and will not get the results you want to have for your website.

The more complete and consistent left your website in terms of SEO, you will have more chance to get better position in search engines.

No balance the use of images and text

An effective website is one that balances best the amount of images and text in articles. Excessive use of either not desirable.

If you put too much text with a few pictures, the site will look unattractive. Using too many images is not recommended from the perspective of search engine optimization. Your website should have a balance between text and images.
Having a poor structure for your links

You must have a friendly link structure both your readers and for search engines, and can be filled with a few keywords (no exaggeration)

SEO is not just a matter of time

Search engine optimization is a matter of trial and error, research and observation of evolution. So do not think that to fix something here and something there, and have everything ready. No, you must continually watch the results of the changes you’ve made to your site to see if they work or not and make the necessary changes to make them work.

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