11 Facts that Kill your Blog Design

The article contains information over 11 Facts that Kill your Blog Design that You’ll surely find useful. That was the question that kept me disturbed for many nights when I first knew that Blog Design matters a lot in your Online Success. So I started to Dig those things that Kill a Blog design definitely because I Wanted to avoid them .Now here I am a Today lot better than that day and more confident. I don’t do that things now and here and the Factor That Kill a Blog Design.

11 Facts that Kill your Blog Design


Poor Navigation

When a reader first comes to your Blog, he checks what he was looking for and if You could impress him, he would look around. Just imagine that you are in the same position , What would you do ? Smart Answer.

Any one will obviously want to see where is he and than try to find a Place to start from like Categories or Archives Page. If you don’t have one on your Blog , go and put it on because it’s killing your fans.

Pop Ups

Most of Beginners only care about Earning and not the readers. That’s why they put lot of Pop Up Ads and Subscription Boxes on all pages that you can not get rid of. I have visited many sites like that where I only do one thing, Scream at Blog Owner and just move on. If you put the readers first, money will automatically arrive.

Poor Posting Format

We see newspapers, Books and Magazine with pretty long paragraphs and still don’t find it annoying. But reading something at screen is different. It’s not easy to read something that has no spaces between it’s paragraphs or we can say they only have one paragraph.

Doing this kind of thing makes your blog look ugly and difficult for readers to get what they want. So better make little paragraphs and keep the sentences short.

Ads everywhere

People who only start a Blog because they heard about some Blogger or Blog making a lot of money or so. They have no interest and passion about writing or about helping out people . The only thing they care about is money. So if you are one of them, you better get changed because this would result in biggest Blogging trouble someone can have.

Such people will put as much ads as possible on their Blog to make money but neglect two huge things. 1) They will annoy their readers and force them to leave. 2) Kill their Blog Design.

Hurting Colors

Colors play a major role in human life as well as building up a successful Blog. But some people don’t get that point. They think that their favorite colors are best for background and everything else as a result they start to hurt the eyes of their readers who finally promise yell at designer and leave the blog forever. With an extremely bad impression about you and a disturbed mood.

Irrelevant Gadgets

Mostly it happens with Newbies who try to put everything that seems attractive to them. Not caring about design, niche and readers. Like what about putting “Dental Tips” in side bar of a “Financial Blog” ? . They have no connection at any point so why are you doing that man ? Stop filling space and start give value to readers. That’s the key to climb up the ladder of success.

Ugly Font

I have seen many people who just try to go anyway to make themselves feel good like putting the font of their choice on Blog. well, they have the complete right to do so but that’s not going to take them where they want to be. By doing only the things that you want to do, that you care about will push you in deep hole of darkness both in your life and online business.

Extra Large Images

Images make any Blog post look beautiful but what if you have to slide 15 time to see one photo and then get to the content ? Obviously it would be annoying. Just think this way about everyone who will visit you any day. Keep the images short because they will not only boost page loading time but will also help you avoid things so called Blog Design Killers.

Over Linked Content

If you are a Blogger, you must have visited Wikipedia. What do you feel when you see 2-3 links per line ? They don’t feel good to me. By seeing this kind of content, instead of increasing your Page views , you are killing them.

Reader in this condition will say to himself, okay I’ll check that link after I end reading this post and at the time he reaches the end, he already have more than 10 links that seem to be a hard work to read as a result he leaves without checking any of your things.

What Blog Design Killers you did? How you thought after doing that? Comment here below and we will discuss .

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