10 Extremely Hard Facts of Blogging

Here Is Information Over 10 Extremely Hard Facts of Blogging that you surely find useful. Blogging is not easy but no too hard too. But people have only three conceptions about it. Some think it’s hard or Fake. Others think it’s just too easy that anyone can do it. 3rd party simply says that it’s not possible to make money online with a Blog. Well, let me explain the facts , the hard facts of Blogging that you should consider if you are yet to start a Blog or are not determined yet.

10 Extremely Hard Facts of Blogging


Risk Involved

Risk is involved in almost all bossinesses and Blogging is no different. You get inspired by someone and start Blogging with no guarantee at all to be successful . You have no idea where your blog will end up in 6 months or one year. Hence it’s a big risk for you.

You are spending time and max efforts without the surety of being successful. Or if you have already established yourself , you are still not safe. You can go to sleep with your Blog making $500 per day and when you wake up, it’s all over. This can happen in countless ways and some of them are described below.

It Takes Time

“Blogging takes time to become beneficial” . If someone understands it, he will most likely be successful. But funny thing here is that it takes time for people to understand this thing. Waiting for anything is not easy and when it is for Blogging success, it is damn too hard.

By the way, Waiting for anything is something that I hate the most in the world but I am still waiting here in Blogging. That’s where it becomes very hard because your mind always arranges fantasies about what will happen if you get 50,000 Visits every day and how will it feel.

No Passion = No Success

I think this can be applied to any profession because passion is something that takes Human beings to the next level and to encourages them to go over the limit of their natural bodies. But if you got no passion , it’s very hard for you to make it to the top.

However, if it is in Blogging, I’m sure it would be impossible to make it to anywhere. I’ve read and listened a lot of people who started Blogs in some Niches that they thought are going to be good financially but had no passion to write about. And sadly, none of them ended up with a successful Blog.

Readers are in Control

Another hard fact of Blogging is that you have to consider your readers as almost your Lords. Because you only have to do what they want, when they want and how they want. Still they have the full rights to like or dislike your work and they utilize this thing.

Readers know that you can not do anything if they like or dislike your post and that’s why they only do what they want.

If you got caught doing some Blackhat SEO tricks , Spam , breaking rules or invalid clicks, there is nothing in the world that can save you. If you have actually done something wrong than it’s quite fair man. But what if someone else did Clicks Bombardment on your Blog’s ads and Google thought it was you? You are smart enough to guess.

They will still ban you. And not only your that account but you’ll never ever be able to get another account from same computer and address in your lifetime.


There is a very popular quote that “if someone tries his best to get into your site and sticks to it, he will Finlay be successful” which makes a Blogger’s life a hell. No matter how many thing you did to secure your Blog, you can still be hijacked.

I don’t know the exact feelings because I’ve never been hijacked but I feel extremely bad only by thinking that someone else can steal your everything that you built in years in matter of days or months.


Sacrificing is something that every Blogger does either at small scale or large. You have to sacrifice the time that you spend with friends, with family , in studies and rest. You have to sacrifice the will to sit and play games all the day long.

And sacrifice the will to Play youtube Videos , Facebook Chat, Skype Chat and a lot more. I’m not saying that beginners leave it all but they get to sacrifice a lot when building up a blog in early days.

Creativity , Creativity and Creativity

If you are a Blogger, you know what I mean and if you are willing to start than it’s a warning. Bloggers have to stay creative all the times. Every time they think something, it’s mostly How do I get more traffic ? what to write next ?

What should I do to make my posts interesting and all that stuff. In my experience , I never try to think about it and the reason is that these thing never go away from my mind and I’m always trying to dig new methods and techniques.

A Lot to Learn

In Blogging, learning process never ends. No matter if you are in beginning or at the top level. I bet that Daniel Socco and Darren Rowse, who are the two guys who were my only guides while building up my blogs are still learning new things. They might not be getting tons of new things to know but at least there is something new everyday for them to think about and learn.

Hearts are Broken

When I try to remember how many times my heart has been broken since the day I started, Ummmm…can’t remember. Hearts of Bloggers are broken very often and there are many people who are responsible fot that. Like you got your first Adsense rejection, heart broke.

Got a very rude comment or someone simply insulted your content, heart broke. There are lot more but I don’t think I need to mention them. I’m here to tell the true facts and I did my job.

What do you guys think about it ? What are your experiences so far ? Feel free to tell the world in Comments section.

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