10 Blogging Sins that Beginners Comit

The article gives an analysis of 10 Blogging Sins that Beginners Comit. Whenever we do something for first time, there are hell lot of mistakes. That can be our Education or Game , A business or A Blog. For Blogging, That’s where we do some horrible mistakes that never let our first Blogs to grow. Than learning process begins that takes us to the next level and if you work hard, you get better every single day.

10 Blogging Sins that Beginners Comit

It was same for me. I done quite a few things that punched me down by Google and there was never that thing called “Traffic”. I’ve also listed the Blogging Sins that I committed and hopefully those that you are doing.

Thinking Too Much and Doing Nothing

The most dangerous Sin that Beginner Blogger Commit is imagination. They only imagine what can happen if they do that, or this but actually never do the practical work. They would sit in Front on Monitor for hours, surfing the Internet and trying to write an Article but end upon nothing.

This mostly leads them to failure and discourages them. So in order to be successful and survive this condition, you should always do the Brain Mapping before you sit in front of PC. Also doing the post writing as the first thing when you turn your Pc or Laptop on can do the wonders.

Working only Whenever “In Mood”

While learning and searching the Blogging Tips, they find that Bloggers do whatever they want and whenever they want . So they just start applying that on themselves without knowing the real hard secret. The catchphrase ” Only Work whenever you want on Whatever you want” is for Pro Bloggers. They have spent years in handwork and now the sweat and Blood they spend in building their blogs up, is helping them to have the leisure.

If you don’t want to Commit this Blogging Sin, you should probably start working regularly from now. Stick to schedule like One post per day or 10 Posts per week and never hear of your heart until you start seeing 5 Figures daily traffic on regular basis.

SEO ? huh ! I Don’t Care

I started Blogging along with two of my friends during the Second year of My Coellge. One of them became serious Soon but the other always said this “SEO ? I don’t give a damn to it” whenever I tried to convince him to promote his Blog. I hope it might have happened to you at some point.

So as a result , his Blog is dead today and he is no body in online world and Blogosphere. Dear, this is 2012 and it’s not the start of Internet where only way to get info is to put the direct Web address. There are Search Engines today and People only use them to find the info. Hence, better get used to it and learn the art of ranking higher in Google SERP’s.

Blackhat SEO

Another huge Blgging Sin that beginners commit is the use of Blackhat SEO. They know about SEO for very first time and find it difficult and Diffusional so as a result they start finding the alternative. That’s where they make huge mistake and destroy their Blogs.

The Example of Blackhat SEO is like a Lie. That can benefit you on short terms or maybe long terms, but one day , Google and other Search Engines would catch you and put the worst penalty on your site. So better try to learn the art by real way and they way that leads you to success with respect.

Trying to Hid it from Friends

One of the weird Mistakes that Beginner Bloggers Make , is trying to hide their Blogs from Friends and Family. They don’t feel comfortable when their friends are reading what he thinks. I never faced this problem and I told every body about my blogs when I found someone had the interests matching with my Niche. You should also do the same. Tell as much people as you can about your Blogs and invite them to visit with Confidence.

No Social Promotion

I just mentioned that there are Bloggers who feel shy about Promoting their blogs . Now the other type are those people who are way too proud of their content. They think that Google and every body else needs them and they need no body.

This misunderstanding pushes them in dark black hole of Failure. I would strongly recommend you to get rid of this habit if you have because this is not going anywhere. I think this saying can help you understand the concept “World is created for you , not you for World”.

Early Monetization

Monetizing the Blogs and having the Dollars coming to your account while you are snorting is dream of many people and there is nothing wrong with that. But the problem is, this thing can make people Greedy. It’s obvious that most of bloggers start Blogging for money and when they read the success stories of others, they just want to put ads on their sites immediately even if there is Zero traffic.

Then what should be the Outcome ? Definitely no earnings. As a result they lose their interest and become depressed about blogging and just kill their dreams. The right method is to work for people and help them out. After some months, you’ll have a good fan base and regular visitors. Than you need to monetize the blog and it won’t disappoint you at that time.

Comparing With Established Bloggers

Sometimes beginner Bloggers make an outstanding mistake . They start to compare their blog with already established Blogs in Niche. Probably they don’t try to know how long that guy have worked to be there.

Soon they become jealous of other established people by thinking that they should not be earning . They are not better than them and that’s a Blogging Sin for which there is no mercy. Their Punishment is Failure.

Focusing on Quantity Not Quality

It’s obvious and everyone can understand that more content you have, more visitors are flowing towards your site. But when people start to create content, they put one thing out of their minds and that’s “Quality” of content.

The make their own rules , like they must publish 2 posts every day and as a result they only produce crap. In my opinion, 30 High Quality Articles are better than 100 Crappy Posts.

Copying Others

That’s really a none sense mistake. Beginners think that Internet is so wide that the owner of Blog or anyone else would never know if they have copied content. But the fact is, there are several softwares today like Copyscape that can detect the copied content in matter of Second. If owner found you, he would go to fill a DMCA complain against you resulting in serious consequences for your Blog. If Google detected it, you will be penalized badly.

Are you doing one of those or did it in early days ? Comment to tell everybody and inspire ones if you could.

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